Periodontal Disease – Are you at risk?

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At Exploits Valley Dental Office, we offer periodontal services to patients diagnosed with gum disease.

Many patients do not understand periodontal disease nor the risks of this condition. Redness, swelling or bleeding of the gum tissue is a sign that you may be at risk. There are many different stages of gum disease from gingivitis (mild) to severe periodontitis (advanced stage) and it may be generalized throughout the mouth or even localized in one area.

It can be painless and it attacks the periodontium and jaw bone in such a way that there are very few people who are aware of this disease and its consequences.

Gum infection is serious and should be treated just as you would treat infection in any other area of the body. Infection and inflammation can lead to the loss of bone and ligaments around the roots of your teeth. In severe cases, it can lead to increased bone loss and eventually tooth loss.  Ultimately, this will impact your ability to eat and speak as well as your appearance.

It is widely accepted now that periodontal disease is connected to other chronic diseases of the body such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. In pregnant women, it is strongly linked to low birth weight of the baby.

Diagnosing periodontal disease early is an important step in managing or, possibly, reversing the condition and preventing the complications of advanced disease There are many factors that contribute to periodontal disease such as genetics, misaligned or crowed teeth, tobacco use, grinding, clenching of the teeth, stress, fluctuating hormones, medications, diseases, and poor nutrition. Practicing good oral hygiene by visiting your dentist and hygienist regularly is an important part of prevention.

If you have concerns with sensitive gums, you can contact our office in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland.

-The Exploits Valley Dental Team

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