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“Sensitive Teeth” are buzzwords that we hear from patients from time to time. It is very likely that at some point in our daily lives, we will experience some degree of tooth sensitivity. The standard examples we encounter include pain experienced from a sip of coffee or from that bowl of ice cream you’ve been craving all day. These experiences can be bothersome and very uncomfortable. 

What causes tooth sensitivity?
Teeth can become sensitive when the enamel is damaged or worn away. This allows heat and cold to reach the nerves in our teeth.

Dental factors causing worn enamel can include aggressive brushing, acidic foods, tooth decay, bruxism, gum disease and broken teeth.  With early treatment these can be managed and often prevented. 

When consuming highly acidic foods and drinks like citrus fruit, wine, and tomato sauce, take extra care of your sensitive teeth by brushing and flossing correctly. Use
 ‘sensitivity’ toothpaste and always select a brush with soft bristles.  Ask us for advice if you are unsure or in discomfort.

Enamel can be restored using dental procedures such as tooth-coloured fillings to protect eroded areas. These can be done, in most cases, with no anesthetic and relief from sensitivity will be immediate.  In the case of bruxism (grinding of the teeth), there are appliances to assist with managing the condition.  If dealt with early, broken down teeth can often be restored using natural looking long-lasting composite materials. Gum disease can be diagnosed and treated with early intervention preventing more serious complications such as tooth loss and systemic infection.

We can help with Tooth Sensitivity problems. Our experienced team at Exploits Valley Dental Office Grand Falls-Windsor can schedule your appointment today.

-The Exploits Valley Dental Team

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