Preventing Tooth Loss with Pulp Therapy

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Pulp is the small tissue, nerves and blood vessels filling the inner cavity and root canals of a tooth. The function of the pulp is to let supply with oxygen and nutrients children teeth; it’s entirely necessary!

“Pulp” is found in the middle of each tooth. It consists of tissue, nerves and blood vessels that work to provide the tooth with oxygen and nutrients and keep it healthy. Pulp therapy is a procedure in which the dentist will maintain the tooth so it is not lost.

Symptoms of Pulp Problems

  • Constant or unexplained pain

  • Bedtime pain

  • Sensitivity to hot or cold food temperatures

  • Swelling around the infected tooth

Treatment for Pulp Therapy (Nerve Treatment)

  • There are two approaches to pulp therapy – Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy. The approach used comes down to the amount of infection and damage to the tooth.

  • A pulpotomy removes the diseased pulp within the crown of the tooth. The pulp root remains healthy and unaffected.

  • A pulpectomy requires the entire pulp to be removed from the crown to the root canals of the tooth.

Both procedures help to preserve the tooth by keeping the pulp healthy and removing the necessary damaged parts. If action is not taken and treatment is ignored, it may be too late for pulp therapy and extraction may be the only resort. At Exploits Valley Dental Office, we’ll inform you of your treatment options. Our primary focus is taking care of you and your family’s oral health care in Grand Falls-Windsor. Book your appointment today!

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