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Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder where one is not able to digest gluten. This is protein found in grains such as wheat. Celiacs maintain a gluten free diet in order to prevent damage to their small intestine. Otherwise, it is difficult for their body to absorb the essential nutrients it needs.

Although the digestive effects of the disease are more commonly known, you may be surprised that warning signs can show up in your oral healthcare. Celiac’s oral manifestations include teeth defects, dry mouth and canker sores!

Teeth defects can include brown dots on your tooth enamel or yellowing. Teeth can also appear translucent if the enamel has not formed properly. These effects are unfortunately permanent, so you may need to see a dentist for solutions such as veneers or bonding.

Dry mouth is exactly as it sounds! It is a feeling of constant dryness in your mouth. Your salivary glands may not be producing enough saliva for you to eat or even speak properly. This can also prevent your teeth from staying clean as saliva helps fight against cavities. Sometimes artificial saliva or prescription toothpaste is needed.

Canker sores are uncomfortable lesions in your mouth. They can develop on the inside of your cheeks and roof of your mouth. They can make it difficult to eat or speak. Prescription mouth rinses or topical anesthetics can help!

For those concerned with celiac or who are dealing with it, contact us at Exploits Valley Dental Office for solutions!

– The Exploits Valley Dental Team

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