Natural Remedies: Teething Babies!

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Teething is a necessary step to the growth of healthy teeth and gums. Many parents have justifiable concerns about the use of teething gels; although rare, their side effects may be very serious. Now, many of the parents reading this are asking themselves the same question: How do we ensure the brightest baby-smiles for our family Christmas portraits? The answers lie in a number of natural teething alternatives:

● Teething Biscuits

● Frozen Carrots

● Bananas

● Dried Fruits

These are all great options to numb the pain and also double as a great snack. There are also a few other options that will get the job done:

● A small, damp washcloth

● A small, cold metal spoon

● Ice chips in a clean baby sock

Teething is important part of an infant’s growing process, these natural remedies will help make the journey a little smoother! If there’s one thing that’s sounds just as good as it looks, it’s a beautiful baby smiling!

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– The Exploits Valley Dental Team

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