Sweet Tooth Problems

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We all know from years of education, that eating candy or drinking sugar filled drinks can lead to cavities or tooth decay. If you have a sweet tooth addiction, it can be difficult to manage cavity prevention. However, there are ways to indulge in your sweet tooth and take care of your teeth. 
Make sure to brush your teeth often! Keeping them clean is essential. Keep a disposable tooth brush if your schedule is unpredictable. Be sure to also change your toothbrush at home. Some often choose a power toothbrush which can make brushing more enjoyable. If you are without a toothbrush, use mouthwash to rinse and remove as much sugar as possible from your mouth. Sugar-free gum is also good to eat after sweets. The saliva produced from gum chewing helps to remove the sugar left behind on your teeth. 
The key point is to remove any sugar from your mouth as soon as possible. After consuming sugar, the acid-forming sugars develop in your mouth and create an environment for cavities. For questions about cavities and sweet tooth problems, contact us at Exploits Valley Dental Office. 
– The Exploits Valley Dental Team 
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