The Dry Socket Experience

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Dry socket – although it doesn’t happen often, it is a very uncomfortable experience. This painful condition can happen post dental extraction. This experience occurs when a clot is forming inside of a tooth socket and breaks down or is washed away. This leaves a dry exposed bone known as “dry socket”. By reviewing specific instructions, this unlikely event can be prevented! We recommend after removing a tooth, do not smoke for at least three days. In addition, do not rinse vigorously as this can force/wash the clot out of place. It is also a good idea to avoid using straws as the suction can disrupt the clot too. Take extra precaution for at least 24 hours after your tooth has been removed. Sometimes, even following these instructions does not guarantee that dry socket has been prevented. The feeling of pain that you would experience from this radiates beyond the place of extraction and does not get better over time. Your dentist should have a specific dressing to use in the socket in order to help relieve the pain. Although it happens on a rare occasion… at Tooth Matters – we are ready to relieve you of the pain!

Dr. Douglas Musseau
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