Braces: Advancement in Technology for Teens!

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Gone are the days of “metal mouth”! Having braces used to mean teasing, discomfort and food getting stuck in them too. Now parents can relax! Thanks the advances in technology, braces have become lighter and more comfortable to wear. The new advancements also allow them to work faster – so your child doesn’t have to wear them as long!

Braces have also become more affordable, which is why we see them an almost every kid in schools! From variations with tinted metals and coloured rubber bands, there are many stylish options to choose from.

Depending on your teeth’s and your bite’s alignment, you can be eligible for clear braces. Although they are less noticeable, they can sometimes be more expensive.

Remember one thing has stayed the same – good oral hygiene when wearing your braces. This makes a big difference! Keep up the hard work!

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– Dr. Douglas Musseau

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