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Everywhere we go, there seems to be the temptation of cookies, cakes, candy or soda! The effects of sugar may not be immediately noticeable, but can lead to trouble if you don’t limit it. Problems such as cavities and tooth decay are much easier to control when you are proactive. Here are some ways sugar can harm your family’s dental health and how to be proactive:

Acid Attacks 

When you eat sugary foods or drink sugary drinks, you are feeding the beast! The bacteria inside your mouth feeds off of the sugar and produces acid which can slowly dissolve your tooth enamel. This can result in tooth decay. The most damage is done to your teeth 20 minutes after eating, which is known as the “acid attack”. The more sugar you consume throughout the day the more exposed you are to the tooth decaying acids.

Make Sensible Food Choices

Eliminating sugar completely is unrealistic. However, you can control the amount you and your family consume to reduce those “acid attacks”.

  • Eat a balanced and nutritious diet
  • Check labels for hidden sugars in foods
  • Limit snacking between meals
  • Avoid sugary foods that stay in your mouth for longer periods of time (hard, sticky candies)
  • Save sugary treats for the end of the meal or before tooth brushing
  • Substitute water for sugar filled sodas and fruit juices

Make sure to keep up with regular dental checkups that way we can be proactive with any signs of tooth decay! Contact Exploits Valley Dental Office today!


– Dr. Douglas Musseau

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