Dental Cleaning Expectations!

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At Exploits Valley, we understand the importance of your dental health. We strive to make sure each visit is comfortable and ensure that you are well informed!

When you are booking your appointment, be sure to let us know any concerns you may have. 

Here’s a few things to know about what will happen during your appointment:

  • Questions about your overall health, medications and oral hygiene habits
  • Evaluate your risk for gum, tooth and bone decay
  • Check for any chipped, broken or missing teeth
  • Evaluate your jaw and bite for any issues
  • Remove stains/calcium deposits on your teeth
  • Clean and polish teeth
  • Show proper brushing technique
  • Dental X-rays (if necessary)

You would usually see the dental hygienist first who will recommend at home dental care tips. Next, you would see your dentist who will do an exam of your teeth, mouth, tongue, cheeks, neck glands and temporomandibular joint to ensure no problems are developing. They may also do a periodontal exam, looking at your gums for any redness or inflammation. 

Having a dental regular cleaning is part of maintaining your overall health. Remember everything is connected! We usually recommend a check-up every six months. Be sure to book your dental cleaning appointment in Grand Falls-Windsor with Exploits Valley! 

– Dr. Douglas Musseau 

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