The Importance of Dental Impressions

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Taking dental impressions can be done in a few different forms. Sometimes they can be messy from using a plaster material or sometimes they can be taken digitally for patients. Regardless of the method that is used, impressions are taken to get a better understanding of the structure of your teeth and jaws. Have you ever wondered how the impressions are applicable to you? Why are they are necessary for your dentist to do?

A few common reasons are:
1. To create a removable partial or complete denture
2. To create a conventional dental crown
3. To make bridges or fix dentures
4. To analyze the relationship of your jaws (orthodontic treatment/ evaluation for oral surgery)
5. To create a custom mouthguard (nighttime wear or sportswear)
6. To Create custom whitening trays
7. To make oral appliances (space maintainers)
8. To keep a record of your teeth’s appearance in case of a chip or damage, they can be resorted to their shape and size.

It’s important to ralk to your dentist to see if an impression will help get a better understanding in order to improve your dental care. At Exploits Valley, we have an impression gallery so you can check out your progress from your original impression and compare to how it changed during the course of treatment! Contact us today to find out more!

– Dr. Douglas Musseau

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