Halloween Candy Time?

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Have your kids been digging into their Halloween candy treats? We know it may be hard to stop them entirely – but you can remind them of a few helpful tips. Many people believe that the more candy you eat, the more cavities you will get. Although we don’t advise overindulging, the more important thing to worry about is timing. Your mouth has a specific pH level it maintains to keep healthy. When you eat candy, the sugar sits on your teeth and the bacteria feed off them. This produces acids and changes the overall pH balance in your mouth. With this change, you are at a higher risk for cavities!

The amount of time that acids are in contact with teeth (frequency and consistency) determine how much damage can occur. For example, it is far worse for your child to eat a lollipop than two mini-sized chocolate bars. It may seem like they are eating more candy, but the length of time the candy is in their mouth (the longer the acidity is changed) will cause more damage.

If you or your child needs a dental cleaning (especially post-Halloween!) visit us at Exploits Valley Dental today!

– The Exploits Valley Dental Team

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