Teen Tooth Tips!

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What you do in your teenage years can affect your health into your adult life. This includes your oral health too! Teenagers are engaged in a lot of activities from school to jobs, sports and social activities. This can make keeping up with good oral health habits difficult. Don’t forget to add in the cravings for junk food too! 

You can help your teenager to make oral hygiene habits part of their daily routine. Here are a few tips to help get them through those teenage years:
1. Brush AND Floss! 
Sometimes flossing is the last thought on our mind, especially for teenagers. Flossing daily can help reduce bad oral hygiene that may lead to stains, bad breath, missing teeth and other dental problems.
2. Keep dental products handy.
Make sure to keep flavoured floss or plastic flossers in the car for when they are on the go. A good-tasting toothpaste out in the bathroom is also another great tip. 
3. No Junk Food!
The less junk food in the house, the better! Keep lots of healthy snacks around as options, such as fruits and vegetables.
For more dental health tips for your family, visit us at Exploits Valley Dental in Grand Falls-Windsor! We treat families of all ages! 
– Exploits Valley Dental Team 
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