Not so Mellow-Yellow

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With age, comes change and this includes your teeth as well! Unfortunately with age our teeth start to yellow. The enamel begins to thin and another layer, the more yellow part of the tooth is exposed. In addition, what we eat and drink over the years can leave stains behind and contribute to the discolouration. Drinks like tea, coffee and red wine are all big contributors! Don’t forget the impact of smoking on staining teeth as well. If you are happy with your teeth and it’s only colour change that has you concerned, ask us about your teeth whitening options! Bleaching can be one method, whether it’s store bought strips, take home kits with custom fitted trays or in-office treatment. Be sure to discuss the options and get the information you need including the expectations and risks associated with each. If you have additional concerns about your teeth, other options may include moving the teeth alignment or porcelain veneers, which can help with shape and colour. Speak to us today about the best option for you!

Dr. Douglas Musseau
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