Sensitive Feelings

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Many people experience tooth sensitivity every once in a while. These experiences can be due to temperature, sweetness, biting, chewing or a combination thereof. Although there are no strict rules when it comes to tooth sensitivity, there are a few ideas that you can indicate what is happening. Sensitivity to sweetness makes you automatically think of a cavity problem. However, this may not be the case specifically and would need to be explored by your dentist. If you have sensitivity to cold (which only lasts a few seconds), it indicates that the tooth nerve is irritated in a reversible way. This can be due to gum recession which usually has a simple fix. If the discomfort from the cold lasts longer or produces a throbbing feeling, the problem can be more severe. Another experience may be heat sensitivity, which means the tooth nerve is dead. This means that the heat causes the gas to expand which creates an increase in pressure and produces a feeling of pain. If this is the case, a root canal could be the treatment needed. Speak to us about any questions on tooth sensitivity!

Dr. Douglas Musseau
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