The Effects of Alcohol on Your Teeth

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Consuming a moderate amount of alcohol can be considered healthy. For example, we’ve heard of articles discussing red wine to have cardiovascular benefits. Although for the most part, it is not considered to be the healthiest choice. Do you know the effects it has on your body? What about the effects on your teeth? 
Alcohol tends to dry out the mouth and the acid from the citrus also attacks your tooth enamel. You may not know this, but beer is also an acidic beverage. The dark barley from certain beers can also leave teeth stained. If you are enjoying a mixed cocktail, there are many hidden sugars added inside those drinks from sodas and simple syrups. 
To keep a healthy white smile, limit your alcohol intake and choose wisely! Remember darker sodas, wines, and beers can rob you of your pearly white smile.
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– The Exploits Valley Dental Team
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