The Full Picture: Oral X-rays

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During your first hygiene appointment at the dentist it is recommended to take x-rays. However, patients are always concerned about themselves and their child(ren) being exposed to radiation. It is important to note that 15 minutes of sun exposure is more harmful to you and your child(ren) than taking digital x-rays. X-rays are imperative to your oral health, you do not want to miss concerns like cavities, crowding, infection and extra teeth. At Exploit’s Valley we want you to feel comfortable and confident in choosing your dentist for you and your family.


X-rays are taken to help:

  1. Check for Cavities
  2. Check for Gum Disease
  3. Check for Abscesses and Cysts
  4. Monitor Wisdom Teeth
  5. Detect Oral Disease
  6. Ensure Quality Dental Work
  7. Evaluate Injured Teeth
  8. Check Abnormalities of Teeth
  9. Evaluate Jaw Growth
  10. Evaluate any Future Dental Work


Ask our team at Exploits Valley any further questions about getting you and your children’s x-rays done.

– Dr. Douglas Musseau

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